Auto Repair Process

Top Speed repair process ensures your vehicle is inspected and repaired from our technicians, whose priority is getting you back on the road safely.
We work with all major insurance companies and our expert repairs are backed by multiple inspections and checks—so we’re happy to offer you a guarantee on every repair we do.

Drop off

If you’ve been in an accident, or your vehicle has damage that you would like repaired, simply call us or drop off your vehicle at our location. Our team works with leading insurance providers to help you to calculate any damage before we begin making repairs.

Body Repair

At the Body repair, we remove all parts requiring separate repair or replacement, and perform body and structural repair work.


Once body work is complete, your vehicle begins the painting and polish process. First, our expert painters utilize a catalog to find the right color for you based on your choice or check the manufacturer codes before applying fresh paint.


When the painting process is done your vehicle is going to be reassembled with lamps, air conditioning, grills, doors, and other parts involved in your repair. Once assembled, it enters a final quality control check to ensure everything is completed.


To complete our service we treat your vehicle to a complete wash and vacuum. This final step ensures your vehicle will look pristine upon pick up.

your car is ready

As soon as your repair is complete, our Top Speed team will contact you and invite you in for the final inspection and paperwork, before completing the final documentation and handing back your keys.